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Mexican acoustic classical guitarist and composer, Eduardo Díaz imagines mesmerizing works that tell vivid, magical stories about his life and its colorful characters. His contagious energy and talent for channeling emotions surges through his intimate, absorbing live shows. Díaz’s virtuosic command of the fingerboard and inventive artistic vision combine during his much-loved videos and audio recordings, as he invites audiences to share his passion for guitar and join him in exploring humanity’s many mysteries. His heartfelt exploration of memories, dreams, love, heartbreak, sorrow, hope and joy through his compositions shows the delight he takes in portraying life and its colorful characters through music.


Drawn to guitar as a young boy, Díaz started taking formal lessons and giving public recitals at 15-years old, playing locally at cultural centers and coffee shops. At 18, he was moved by the compositions and arrangements of his teacher Carlos Ramos, and began to craft his own pieces in order to express himself.


In 2000, Díaz won a contest for his work in guitar and gave a series of concerts at cathedrals, cultural institutes, schools, theaters and other venues in cities within the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. He also participated as a student in the first classical guitar cruise in 2003, which had him traveling on a ship to Mexican beaches while learning from great guitarists such as Muriel Anderson, David Tanenbaum and Adam Holzman. Díaz has taken master classes with renowned artists such as Australian guitarist Karin Schaup as well as guitarists Benjamin Verdery, Gohar Vardanyan, Simon Powis, and Kevin Gallagher. Díaz also studied the fundamentals of music and classical guitar as well as the art of performance with David Newsam, Abigail Aronson, Norm Zocher, Rick Peckham, Larry Baione, and Russell Hoffmann at the Berklee College of Music, where he received his General Music Studies Professional Certificate.


He participated in the "Guitoberfest", guitar festival organized by Australian guitarist Simon Powis, taking master classes with the outstanding guitarist and composer Frederic Hand, and with Dr. Noa Kageyama from the University of Julliard, with whom he studied Emotional Control Techniques and Stage Presence.


Díaz’s style is rooted in his natural musical instinct, improvisational abilities and in his knack for translating feelings into resonant passages rich with melody and harmony. His compositions and compelling live concerts and video performances have helped him build a strong presence both offline and online. His channel has been a featured channel on YouTube several times and has garnered the attention of master craftsmen and craftswomen within the classical guitar world, who have rewarded him with accolades, dedications and collaborations. His passionate interpretations of others’ work have been praised by Swedish virtuoso guitarist Per-Olov Kindgren, who has publicly performed his compositions to rave reviews. And German guitarist and composer Maria Linnemann was so moved by his work that she dedicated one of her own pieces to him.


Díaz is currently playing concerts and recitals throughout his home country. He recently released his first album called “Despertar” wich includes 12 of his compositions.

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